As they were walking down the street one day a mysterious man in a hooded cloak pulled them down an alley way and told them that he new of there meeting, and that they had to go to the abbandond house in the city. after asking the man who he was he just vanished not answering a single question. So after a big debate they went to the house, as they entered 2 nationalist assasins dropped down from the roof. To give you an idea about how good they were when armed  
- dipsy was a match for two and po was a match for one. The two tellytubbys were unarmed (the two because laa laa had decided not to come) so the assasins  
- closed in. dipsy held a fighting stance while po completelly unready searched arouned for something to use as a weapon. they two assasins split up :1 on 1
dipsy tried to fight but just got a cut on his arm while po spotted a crowbar lying on the ground, he knew he couldnt reached so he  tried and tried untill, like a mirical it flew into his hand he swung round and bashed the man on the head it knocked him out imediatally. He threw it to dipsy who engaged in a duel with the assasin after two or three blows dipsy one the fight.