Po Leinad was perhaps the most famous tellytubby hero of all time and was a soldier in the tellytubby army in the first tellytubby-imperial war and a piolot in the second tellytubby -imperial war. He was also heir to the throne of Leinad for most of his life, a title withheld from him by parliament until he came of age.

early life Edit

He was born in the small town of avwonshire in the year 25 before the battle of yavin

he was born to Lap-Lai Oel and Poe Leinad. Poe was a veteren of the tubby vs jedi war and lap-lai was a member of the famous near-extinct tellytubby order.

When he was 3 his dad was shot down over aweiad the moon, then 7 years later at the age of ten his mother was killed by lord shadow spawn(see wookieepedia) for helping fugitive jedi who had escaped order 66. so he was adopted by dipsys father ,his uncle.he spent the rest of his life growing up in

the countryside.

first imperial war Edit

then at the age of 16 in 8 bby he and dipsy were forced into fighting in the first imperial war. they spent the next 2 years fighting in the slavac.

eventually the war was over,but years of fighting had left him scared, almost mentally destroyed, yet he did gain something from the war,while invading a natoinalist base he was ordered to free the prisanors one of them was a young girl named laa-laa the relationship grew from there. It was her who saved him from the mental destruction and shell shock of the war.he vowed never to go to war again .

resistance Edit

they then spent the next two years toghether travelling across the planet, but then as they went on the flight home they saw something that changed pos mind completellly: a man had been heard talking about the empire,

so the imperial officer found out: his punishment: he was thrown off the plane (while it was flying) and all his family was excuted. As i said this changed pos

mind completelly as soon as they landed the three off them (dipsy, laa- laa,and po) had a meeting to decied; would they join the ever growing tellytubby resistance or would they not. as the meeting went on it became apparent that they would join the resistance.this was not what laa-laa intended,as it was she

who called the meeting, this would ruin her and pos dream.Now all that was left to do was sign up.

joining up Edit

As they were walking down the street one day a mysterious man in a hooded cloak pulled them down an alley way and told them that he new of there meeting, and that they had to go to the abbandond house in the city. after asking the man who he was he just vanished not answering a single question. So after a big debate they went to the house, as they entered 2 nationalist assasins dropped down from the roof. after a struggle the tubbys won the fight and proceded to the building. there they met a resistance leader, who they warned about the assasins. They then offically joined up. they were told to wait exactly 2 weeks before getting on a plane and going to there headquarters in angleland. What the man didnt know was that these were no normal tellytubbys.

War Edit

After they went to angleland they met laa laa and went to the headquarters. The leader had already been informed of both there actions in the first war and the battle with the assasins. This made him assign po to be a leader in an archer squad in the scouts and and dipsy leader of a scout tracker squad. From there they were sent to the battle feilds of europa and the forests of europa.