The second imperial war was a war that lasted from 5-0 BBY and was generaly considered the largest war in tellytubby history

Why  It Began Edit

It erupted in the year 5 bby when the tellytubbys discovered that the empire had ruined  all the wealth of tellytubby land (tellytubby iron) and commited great then the tellytubbys vowed to reppelle the empire from their planet.

timeline Edit

5BBY-second imperial war starts after the fahfj rising

5BBY-rebel groups battle to take over the planet

4BBY-empire gets reinforcements after the rebel groups grow and begin to organize

4BBY-the rebels organize into a proper army

4BBY-battle at the poles

3BBY-war at its height, battles of the moons (jan-may)

3BBY-battles of the south (april-june)

3BBY-empire invades new capital; angleland, battles of biddania

3BBY-rebel alliance lends tellytubbys ships, battle in space heightens(may-sept)

3BBY-battle of the plains