Tellytubby soldiers were the standard foot soldiers of the tellytubby kingdom from about 500 BBY-.

History Edit

They were first comisioned about 500 BBY when , due to the concerns of king mathies of tellytubby land, that the nationlal guard were not enough to counter the growing threat of tellytubby disedents. They were used in the tellytubby jedi war, the clone wars, the first imperial war and the second imperial war.

equipment Edit

They were generaly equiped with a sword, a sheild, a helmet and chainmail. Some were equiped with a bow or a spear or , in later years,( rarely ) a gun.

Some scouts were also equiped with : a utility hatchet, a firelighter, a set of explosive charges and/or a grenade.

varients Edit

List of varients:





strategic strike



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